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Tips To Increase Your Refrigerator's Efficiency

by Product Specialist IV

Tips To Increase Your Refrigerator's Efficiency

If you want to increase your refrigerator efficiency, try out some of our favorite tricks and tips that can improve its overall performance:

Test the temperature

Make sure to test the temperature of your fridge with a regular thermometer periodically. If it seems too warm, turn up the temperature but know that the temperature can take 24-hours to reach a cooler level.

Clear the top

Clean off the top of the refrigerator, leaving it clear of packages, food, or other goods. Storing items on top of the fridge can block heat from escaping, causing your fridge to be less efficient.

Vacuum the vents and coils

Vacuum and clean the vents and back of the refrigerator, removing any dust or debris. In addition, clean the coils underneath the grating on the back of the fridge to reach optimal efficiency.

Turn-off the ice

If you find that your freezer makes more ice than you can consume - turn off the ice maker! Performing this simple step will increase your refrigerator's efficiency and allow it to focus on keeping your food nice and cold.

Test the seal

Is your refrigerator door closing properly? Check the seal around the door with the tried-and-true paper test: Simply open the refrigerator, place a piece of paper in the open doorway, and close the door. If the paper slides to the floor, the seal needs replacing; if it stands firm, the seal is working fine.

Pull-away from the wall

Keep the fridge a few inches away from the wall and other appliances for maximum efficiency. This will increase air-flow, which in turn will increase performance level.

Use your compartments

Keep your fridge organized and use the designated compartments as intended. These storage recommendations are based on the layout and temperatures of the areas of a fridge - storing your dairy in the dairy compartment, meat in the meat drawer, and so on can favorably impact efficiency.

Keep the fridge stocked

Keep the fridge stocked for insulative properties; it is suggested that you try to keep the fridge at least 2/3 full for best performance and efficiency.

Is your fridge working up to its full potential? Use these tips to increase the efficiency of your home's refrigerator!